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The John Whites is a band/Solo Project that started in 2005 and continues to rock this day!! The John Whites started with John recording songs on his 8 track recorder in SLC, UT, and continues more than ten years later with his solo work and work with his band all under the Moniker The John Whites. The current members are John White, Alex Korostinsky and Aaron Chiazza, catch them crooning and playing their songs in the Western U.S.

The first album was recorded on an 8 track player, an acoustic guitar, some miracus, some spoons and other things John could get his hands on, and from that album Ben Alvarez and Josh Brown wanted to join the project, That Winter they released their first album as a band Play Their Songs, From that point on nothing could stop John from Making Music and he continues to release an album every few years.

When he moved to Reno in 2009 the original lineup took a hiatus and John started to play with Alex and Aaron in Reno. Although the members of The John Whites have changed, the spirit remains the same! John White, known for his unrelenting voice, his captivating live performances and songwriting that blends rock, folk, hip hop and punk. The John Whites have released Nine albums on their own record label Here Here Records. The John Whites evolve from album to album mixing genres from folk-­pop to rock to alt-country to space rock. All while molding their Fresh and Familiar version of American music. The John Whites are currently working on their first music video and also shooting a live Acoustic Session Concert Movie called Cave Paint Acousic