All The John Whites Albums Re-Mastered and Online!

Hello My Friends! I have been wanting to say this for a while and now I can, all seven of The John Whites are now available online in their finalized and mastered forms. CHECK THEM OUT. I’m currently working on two more albums to finish out my trilogy of trilogies album arc Cave Paint.

And now I’d like to take your time and say something,

Don’t let your future goals prevent you from being happy in the process of achieving them, because when you get to the end of that goal you might not feel any different at all, and you might wish you had enjoyed the ride more. Because when the goal is reached, there’s another goal, so love the process and live inside the current. “In music, though, one doesn’t make the end of the composition the point of the composition. If that were so, the best conductors would be those who played fastest; and there would be composers who only wrote finales.” – Alan Watts

Now, time to love the fuck out of the Process!

- John


Cruisin’ for some Newsin’

What’s up everbody!

Things are going great with The John Whites. Play Their Songs and Mean Old Mr. Moonlight are going to be reissued this month, brand new masters, sounding better than ever. Also I’m beginning work on recording The John Whites 7th album which will be coming out in early 2012. Stay tuned because the next few months a lot of stuff is happening with the site and with the music, and the next year promises to be the best year for john whites fans yet, I assure you that. See you out there.



George W. Bush

George W. Bush’s answer to a post 9/11 world was for us to go out and shop and watch T.V. while he began to invade the middle east. George Bush, in my opinion, is of the highest league of Ass Holes and tyrants. The major media essential works for the government and if they did not just re-print government propagandist then the American people would not have stood for any of the wars that have happened since Vietnam. Barack Obama still pays Blackwater, has not ended any of America’s wars, has not closed down Guantanamo bay, has even opened up new secret prison in Somalia and who knows where else, he counties to back death squads ( which are basically militias that the US trains to conduct military operations the US doesn’t want to be seen involved with. To Bush/Obama the world is a battlefield. Obama has increased the drone attacks which we American’s truly know nothing about the targets they are killing or who they are killing, and thanks to the media, the American people know more about Kim Kardashian than who the government is killing with our tax dollars. 9/11 was a tragic event, and my heart goes out to all the victims and families of the victims of the attack. However being attacked by one group does not give America the right to go to war and attack whoever they want without due process of law. We will never know how many innocent people were killed by the US government in the last two years but we can be sure that it well exceeds those that were killed on that tragic day 10 years ago, in Iraq alone the number is above 100,000. Evil should not be fought back with Evil. I would say that the majority of the populace of the world are good people, who don’t want to fight in wars and would rather live good lives with their families and friends, make something out of their lives enjoy this amazing and beautiful Universe that we are all lucky to be apart of, but the leaders of the World continue to involve all of it’s citizens in their Game of Throwns. Let’s end all the wars and instead feed and clothe every man, woman and child, and provide them an education that empowers their individuality instead of reinforces the work force for the rich. Peace, Love, Our time has come, don’t let the cynics and government officials marginalize the idea that we can live in a better world, that we can all of us, no mater our nationality, skin color, gender, sexual preference or any other superficial divides live in a Paradise. Earth is most likely the only heaven and hell that we are ever going to know and so we should work on making into a Heaven now instead of waiting to see if there is one waiting when we die. The powers that be will always say that there must be war, that there will never be peace and the the status quo must continue, but if you look to the past you can see that they have a long history of lying.

At least that’s my opinion,


Hey Everybody (May 25th)

Hey everybody,

Or more specifically you reading this, hey there. I looked at my website today and realized I haven’t blogged one time this year so far, so here I am! Things are going good, the last five months have been awesome, the first time in four years that I haven’t been actively recording an album which feels great. I’ve been writing a lot and working on music doing music video pre-production and working on re-releasing all the old albums! So I’ve been busy and having fun. To catch you up to date, Monkey Man is available now on Monkey Man - The John Whites and through this site, as well as The Complete First Season. Like I was saying, I’m in the process right now of re-mixing and mastering all the old albums which are turning out really cool. Of course you can still hear the current versions for free now in the music section.

Also right now in the works is the first TJW music video! I’m very excited to get this out and will let you know about that as well as it comes along.

I’m working and getting things prepped up for the end of the year which I promise will be Very Big content wise for any fans of The John Whites, check out Monkey Man (You can download the song Halo for free if you ‘like’ The John Whites page on Facebook ) keep checking back and I hope you all are having a lovely year so far.

Talk to You Soon,


god gets licked by the lizard

Monkey Man is Out NOW

Hello Everybody!   Monkey Man is Now Available for download on iTunes or by clicking the album cover below.  Monkey Man is the First Double Album by the John Whites.  Download comes with Album Booklet which includes lyrics, pictures and liner notes.  Hope you Enjoy, Happy New Years!


The Complete First Season 5 Year Anniversary

Hey There World Wide Webbers, the fifth Anniversary of The John Whites first Album is Now Available! Listen and pick up your copy below by clicking the picture . It includes lyrics, pictures and brand new liner notes. Have a Happy New Year!


Oct 12

Hey World Wide Web.

First Things first, Monkey Man is Coming along nicely, Mixing is taking place right now so get ready for that.  Also the Five Year Anniversary of ‘The Complete First Season’ is coming out this month, it will include a digital booklet with lyrics, pictures, liner notes and other good stuff.   Keep up with The John Whites over the next two months because a lot of good things are going to come.  Videos, Live Concerts and exclusive web downloads.


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under the star light

Here’s a video of me playing ‘The Center’ a song off the Upcoming album

And a video of me reiterating this blog post in video form

Remember September?

Hey Fabulous Fans and Friends, Happy September!

I wanted to give you an update on Monkey Man and it’s completion!  It Is Coming! (and hopefully Cumming too) These Things Take Time Though.  This is also my first crack at a Double Album so it’s taking time as I’m taking my time.  Making sweet slow love to the album  and hopefully your ears will want to make love to it too.  I THINK I”LL TYPE LIKE KANYE FOR A SECOND< THE ALBUM IS GONNA ROCK SOCKS AND BE FINISHED SOON ENOUGH SO I WILL KEEP YOU UPDATED ON THE RELEASE DATE>  WE”RE NEARING THE FINISH LINE WITH THE ALBUM, ART AND PACKAGING (WHICH WILL BE SWEET AS WELL)   ITUNES CDBABY TWITTER FACEFUCK FUN TIMES TO COME.  WE”LL HAVE SOME BRAND NEW T-SHIRTS TOO AS WELL AS SOME REPRINTS FROM EARLIER SHIRTS SO YOU CAN CATCH THEM ALL.   THANKS FOR BEING AWESOME.


alien landing