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Hey Everybody (May 25th)

In Blog by John White

Hey everybody,

Or more specifically you reading this, hey there. I looked at my website today and realized I haven’t blogged one time this year so far, so here I am! Things are going good, the last five months have been awesome, the first time in four years that I haven’t been actively recording an album which feels great. I’ve been writing a lot and working on music doing music video pre-production and working on re-releasing all the old albums! So I’ve been busy and having fun. To catch you up to date, Monkey Man is available now on Monkey Man - The John Whites and through this site, as well as The Complete First Season. Like I was saying, I’m in the process right now of re-mixing and mastering all the old albums which are turning out really cool. Of course you can still hear the current versions for free now in the music section.

Also right now in the works is the first TJW music video! I’m very excited to get this out and will let you know about that as well as it comes along.

I’m working and getting things prepped up for the end of the year which I promise will be Very Big content wise for any fans of The John Whites, check out Monkey Man (You can download the song Halo for free if you ‘like’ The John Whites page on Facebook ) keep checking back and I hope you all are having a lovely year so far.

Talk to You Soon,


god gets licked by the lizard