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Hey You! How. Are. You?

In Case You have no clue who I am (Highly Likely) and have also noticed that I don’t have a Wikipedia profile yet due to “Irrelevance?”(Highly Unlikely) I will introduce myself to you Here, on my website. Hello, Pleased to meet you. My name Is John White and I’m a musician. I currently live in Reno, Nevada.  I’m 23, I love horseback riding and summer sunsets.

I’ve been playing the guitar since I was a Wee and have been playing in bands since my teenage years. When I was Seventeen, I started to record songs on my 8-track, pretty crazy stuff I might put on here one day, but as I kept recording songs over the next two years I started to compile a full length album and start circulating my songs. I recorded The Complete First Season in the summer of 2005 in my basement in Salt Lake City, a mostly acoustic driven collection of some of my first songs.

The Next year Josh Brown, Ben Alvaraz and Jenny Guerra joined with me to form a band, still using the name The John Whites.  We started playing at the start of 2006 and recorded Play Their Songs later in the year. The next year we started to record the still unreleased A Sphere Needs A Square.

A Light Will Be Thrown is my newest album. And there will be more music to come this winter.

I would love to hear from you, so shoot me an e-mail or a whatever.  I’m working on getting all the albums up for download and a bunch of other stuff ready.  Peace be with you.

All My Loving,

John White