alien landing

Remember September?

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Hey Fabulous Fans and Friends, Happy September!

I wanted to give you an update on Monkey Man and it’s completion!  It Is Coming! (and hopefully Cumming too) These Things Take Time Though.  This is also my first crack at a Double Album so it’s taking time as I’m taking my time.  Making sweet slow love to the album  and hopefully your ears will want to make love to it too.  I THINK I”LL TYPE LIKE KANYE FOR A SECOND< THE ALBUM IS GONNA ROCK SOCKS AND BE FINISHED SOON ENOUGH SO I WILL KEEP YOU UPDATED ON THE RELEASE DATE>  WE”RE NEARING THE FINISH LINE WITH THE ALBUM, ART AND PACKAGING (WHICH WILL BE SWEET AS WELL)   ITUNES CDBABY TWITTER FACEFUCK FUN TIMES TO COME.  WE”LL HAVE SOME BRAND NEW T-SHIRTS TOO AS WELL AS SOME REPRINTS FROM EARLIER SHIRTS SO YOU CAN CATCH THEM ALL.   THANKS FOR BEING AWESOME.


alien landing