YO MTV Flap Jacks!

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So I have to say again that I am not much of a blogger, it’s never been my thingaling but maybe one day it will be, and now that I have my podcast, Here Here Podcast, I do most of my ramblings over there, so this will be for news about The John Whites, though I’m sure I’ll post silly, salacious things here from time to time.

Here is the new Site, NEWS Site, Get it haha, Site News, New Site, I’m so freaking excited, really this is the first time I’ve been proud of my website and I am so stoked, ALL those years of making bad sites finally led me to be able to manage a template for a good site, I’m really excited like I said! I started making a website for my band ten or so years ago, and the evolution looks like the March of Progress Shout out to Themeo X Design, 64 bucks, it’s used through wordpress, pretty good deal, drag and drop easy stuff so a guy like me can work on his music instead of thinking about his website golly gee wiz!

Okay so, so much has happend since my last post, BEAUTIFUL STRANGERS HAS COME OUT and boy oh boy am I glad that it finally saw the light of Day! I have to thank from the deepest part of my soul Alex Korostinsky and Aaron Chiazza for helping me bring this album to life, they really killed it, we spent a week recording the songs on a tape recorder, I took a few weeks on the vocals, AND Alex is the usnung hero, he helped me make this thing in a profound way, he came through on a ton of the post production parts while I was finishing up the ninth album which meant the world because I made my goal of making 11 albums in 11 years because the 9th album is a triple album, so if you digg my stuff, there’s a lot more coming!